i will: 

  • always check out your blog- all you need to do is ask (but sometimes i won’t reply your message) or make a post with a tag belcantoxx
  • vote for you, just submit the link for a poll
  • tell my followers to vote for you, if i think you deserve it and when we’re following each others
  • promo4promo, double promos etc, but we must be following each others 
i won’t:
  • follow back if you ask. try with ‘check out my blog’ and i may follow you. if i won’t, i’m sorry, you’re still amazing! 
  • tell you my number of followers.
    tumblr isn’t about followers, it’s about blogging.
  • promo you on request if we’re not following eachothers, but.if you really want me to promote you, get 3,500 rice grains here and send me a screenshot for a proof and tell me what kind of promo would you like.
  • i always delete promos after 15, 30 or 60 minutes to keep my blog tidy. it depends on a type of the promo.
  • if i unfollowed you it’s only because you’re blog isn’t my style anymore. sorry! 
  • i will never unfollow anyone if they’ll be inactive for a few days     

if you read this, message me a  ♫ for a solo promo. x

i track a tag belcantoxx, so if there’s anything you want me to see make a post with it.

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